My real name is George but I go by "wavetro" online. I used to make 3D videos for the internet for free. Recently retired from that though.

Currently figuring out what to do next.

Printed polaroid image of a silhouette icon person

What programs I use


🍼 1999 - Hopped off the battle bus.

💻 2001 - I shit you not, my first word was "computer."

🐤 2005 - Made comics in MS Paint and PowerPoint as a drooling child.

🌐 2007 - Watched my first ever YouTube video and also got introduced into making websites with the free Wordpress blog builder. I picked the username "coolernow123" because I thought it sounded cool.

📀 2008 - A friend introduced me to filming movies with my mom's point-and-shoot camera and editing them with Windows Movie Maker. I made lots of plush videos and burned them on blank DVDs for my family to watch.

🎬 2010 - Discovered stop-motion animation from an iCarly episode and posted my first-ever internet video via the website for Gogo's Crazy Bones, the toy series that starred in the video.

▶️ 2011 - Registered my first YouTube channel "coolernow123" after the old Gogo's website was shut down.

Coolernow123 logos (old and new combined)

2012 - Went on a crazy journey of building a super-dedicated fanbase of 1,000+ Gogo's stopmotion lovers following the adventures of Angiru, Fist, and Codi. People still ask me for new coolernow123 videos (or make similar ones) to this very day. Holy shit.

📦 2014 - Grew tired of stopmotions as I entered high school. I ended them and started learning Blender to turn Angiru, Fist, and Codi into a 3D-animated show called idiots.exe. This is when "RobotUnderscore" was born.

RobotUnderscore head logo

2015 - This second username and YouTube channel was my personal dark age. I spent many years trying to prove to myself I didn't peak at coolernow123 by creating idiots.exe and other overly-ambitious animated projects. Every video series project I attempted fell through and I was ultimately very unhappy.

⚰️ 2018 - I finally killed the channel and continued to make 3D art for a bit. (My artistic skills peaked here.) But I still felt creatively unfulfilled, and ended the year with my RobotUnderscore presence completely retired.

💡 2019 - Andy and Bulb, the only episode of cavefolder, was created while I was in total isolation. But due to sudden (beneficial) changes to YouTube and Blender, I decided to return to the public eye, and "wavetro" was born.

Wavetro logo

2020 - Having now returned on a third (and final) username, I kept experimenting with different 3D projects until I struck gold with "food cart" (which evolved from "i'm eating goldfish.") Despite the shitshow it was, this was the best year of my life because it was when I finally discovered the Stickmen 2020 video format. The rest was history.

🎓 2021 - After concluding the show, I decided to take the year off to focus on finishing college and finding a job, while occasionally posting random videos on some offshoot second channel.

🔧 2022 - I released my last two videos featuring the characters Teddy & Ben and called it quits on my one-man animation career. Not really sure what to do now.

If there's anything else you'd like me to put on this page, let me know and I might add it.