Here's an archive of all my status messages.

🍨 2022-JUN-25

Two MORE new videos?? Hot dog!!!!!!

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💥 2022-JUN-20

New videos! I got two new videos for you. One of them finally reveals what I've been doing now that my YouTube run is over

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🎁 2022-JUN-11

IT'S ALL FINALLY DONE!! Check out the brand-new Downloads and Gallery pages when you get a chance, I worked my ass off on them. Now I'll never have to mess with this website's design again...

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🍵 2022-JUN-08

I'm currently sick, but the Downloads page is almost done! You can check it out early if you want, it looks pretty cool...

🏁 2022-MAY-31

FINISHED THE GALLERY!! Now to finish the Downloads page and then we can get back to business this June...

⌛️ 2022-MAY-17

I'm actually going to need more time to finish my Downloads/Gallery pages- there's a lot more extras I want to add, and I'll be done with everything by June. hope you don't mind the wait! it'll be worth it :)

⬇️ 2022-MAY-07

actually I want to finish my site's Downloads page before I show you the new stuff I'm doing. give me a week or two to get that squared away first, thanks

❓️ 2022-MAY-02

think I figured out what I want to do now. will show you something new real soon!

🎇 2022-MAR-31

THANK YOU ALL FOR AN INCREDIBLE RUN!!! I'm going to take the next month off before I find something new to try. see you soon!!

❌ 2022-MAR-24


🎧️ 2022-FEB-20

managed to get a tiny amount of audio work done on the next video, but still currently burned out from my day job.

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✨ 2022-FEB-03

just finished rushing to get this site completed! time to actually start writing my next video now

Wow! Looks like that's everything.