Here's an archive of all my status messages.

📣 2022-JAN-08

Happy new year!! I just uploaded, moved out of my parents' house, said goodbye to my Discord server, and committed myself to return to game development. 2023 is going to be BIG.

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🪖 2022-DEC-08

Alright! Here's a post-burnout detour from the usual 3D fare: I give you a short but packed video about the beloved video game Blockstorm. Okay see you in January...

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📉 2022-NOV-12

I'm a little burned out on 3D stuff right now, so I'm taking a break with something else. You'll see what it is in December

📦 2022-OCT-16

YAY! I finally have a little creative 3D thing to share with you that isn't a travel vlog:

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🔨 2022-SEP-16

I've resumed work on experimenting with 3D web stuff. Hopefully I should have something new to share before winter

🎉 2022-SEP-07

THE VLOG IS FINALLY DONE! Give it a watch if you'd like, the traveling may interest you.

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✈️ 2022-AUG-19

Holy shit this travel vlog is taking forever to edit, I'm probably gonna be quiet for a while

🌆 2022-AUG-15

Ok now I'm back home in NY for real. No more trips

🦞 2022-AUG-13

SIKE! now I'm in Boston. clam chowda

🌆 2022-AUG-08

I'm back in New York now, gonna edit some footage to post soon :)

☀️ 2022-AUG-06

Nope, still not back home yet. I am in Arizona now

🌵 2022-AUG-02

I am in New Mexico. Jesse we need to cook

🚗 2022-JUL-23

Would you like more videos? How about a half-hour travel vlog to Pennsylvania, available to watch NOW!

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🔜 2022-JUL-22

I've got something new coming this weekend! It's not code-related but I think you'll enjoy it. There's even multiple parts to it too

💻 2022-JUL-11

Nope, not dead- still here! It's nice getting lost in learning this new stuff without having any idea where I'm going or should be doing. But it's still too early for me to show anything new yet...

🐢 2022-JUN-30

Not much going on with myself these days. Still learning more basics about 3D browser stuff

🍨 2022-JUN-25

Two MORE new videos?? Hot dog!!!!!!

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💥 2022-JUN-20

New videos! I got two new videos for you. One of them finally reveals what I've been doing now that my YouTube run is over

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🎁 2022-JUN-11

IT'S ALL FINALLY DONE!! Check out the brand-new Downloads and Gallery pages when you get a chance, I worked my ass off on them. Now I'll never have to mess with this website's design again...

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🍵 2022-JUN-08

I'm currently sick, but the Downloads page is almost done! You can check it out early if you want, it looks pretty cool...

🏁 2022-MAY-31

FINISHED THE GALLERY!! Now to finish the Downloads page and then we can get back to business this June...

⌛️ 2022-MAY-17

I'm actually going to need more time to finish my Downloads/Gallery pages- there's a lot more extras I want to add, and I'll be done with everything by June. hope you don't mind the wait! it'll be worth it :)

⬇️ 2022-MAY-07

actually I want to finish my site's Downloads page before I show you the new stuff I'm doing. give me a week or two to get that squared away first, thanks

❓️ 2022-MAY-02

think I figured out what I want to do now. will show you something new real soon!

🎇 2022-MAR-31

THANK YOU ALL FOR AN INCREDIBLE RUN!!! I'm going to take the next month off before I find something new to try. see you soon!!

❌ 2022-MAR-24


🎧️ 2022-FEB-20

managed to get a tiny amount of audio work done on the next video, but still currently burned out from my day job.

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✨ 2022-FEB-03

just finished rushing to get this site completed! time to actually start writing my next video now

Wow! Looks like that's everything.